Why to choose a hotel coworking in São Paulo

Hotel coworkings are a trend that emerged almost simultaneously in many of the mains cities of the world, like Amsterdam, London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong, and São Paulo, offering more comfort and convenience for business travelers who need a suitable place to work, near the place where they stay for business in the City. Understand how a hotel coworking brings unparalleled advantages to business travelers.

the advantages of working in the hotel’s coworking space

Business travelers always have the option of working in hotel rooms, since it has a good internet connection. The problem is that a hotel room is not the most appropriate place to work.  It´s not designed for it!  A Hotel room has beds with soft sheets and pillows, sofas, TV sets…many objects that invite you to rest and relax, not to work.

The whole internal design project of a hotel room, including the intensity of lights and the color of the walls and furniture are designed to help you to rest and relax. Not to help you focus on work. Even if you are a focused person, who is hardly distracted from your task, you may prefer to work seated on an ergonomically designed chair, which will allow you to work for hours without experiencing back pain and browse a corporate standard internet.

Hold work meetings in the hotel’s coworking space

Hold a meeting with your co-workers in a hotel room may be considered inappropriate, especially if they are of a gender different than yours, reason why many companies discourage the idea. But at the same time, how to handle with all the work that have to be done, like speeches, reports or corporate presentations that have to be finished? All the tasks that have a deadline?

There is always the option of holding the meeting in the hotel’s lobby or restaurant. But these may be not the best places to do so, because of the noise or the privacy you may need, especially if you are dealing with strategic company matters, talking about confidential information. In these cases, is strongly recommended to use a private meeting room,  that the hotel`s coworking can provide.

Save your time scheduling business meetings in the hotel`s coworking space 


São Paulo, as many big cities in the world, has a chaotic traffic, especially in the rush hours, when may take a long time for you to go from the Airport to your hotel, or from one business meeting to another. And if you have just arrived from an international flight of 9 hours or more, it becomes even more tiring and stressful.

If you choose a hotel with coworking facilities, you can schedule your meetings at the hotel itself, which will offer you a professional and suitable place for this. And you will have time to rest a little, have a good breakfast and take a shower before starting to work. Choose a hotel coworking it’s not just about saving time. It’s about quality of life.


A coworking hotel makes life easier for business travelers  


The advantages of the coworking hotel are not only in terms of saving time. By using the hotel’s services, you can focus on what really matters, without worrying about other issues, like finding a supplier for a coffee break, or ordering this service in advance, because the hotel can provide all this for you quickly.

And if all you need is just an espresso, or stretching out for a business lunch or dinner, everything is at hand.


A coworking hotel saves you money


Last, but not least, a hotel coworking saves you money. By attending several meetings in several different places, you will certainly spend a reasonable amount on taxis, uber, or parking. scheduling your meetings in the hotel’s coworking space, you will surely spend much less money.

Even if the cost of transportation and parking doesn’t make such a big difference in your travel budget, the use of the hotel’s coworking will be an expense whose value will already be known in advance, which you won’t have to spend time explaining when you must fill out reports of travel expenses. A time you can spend talking to your family at home or relaxing a little after a hard day’s work.

So, the next time you come to São Paulo, Brazil, on business, pick a hotel with a coworking space. It´s not only a matter os saving money. It´s a matter of reaching better results, and having more quality time.

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